To upgrade from the old Gateway3D Product Designer to the new Smartlink Product Designer released on Oct 3, 2019, follow these procedures:

  • There will be no further update notifications to the `Gateway3D Product Designer`  v5.9.9 plugin on a customers Shop. Existing licenses will be marked ‘inactive’ on the License Server.
  • Subscribe to the new Subscription model
  • Download the new plugin after subscription purchase.
  • Place Shop into ‘maintenance mode’.
  • Via WordPress Plugin page, deactivate ‘Gateway3D Product Designer’ plugin. (this resets everything)
  • Via FTP, fully delete existing ‘woocommerce-g3d’ folder (Gateway3D Product Designer). (do not delete this plugin via the WordPress Plugin page as that will delete all settings)
  • Via FTP, install new downloaded version into WordPress plugins directory. (smartlink-product-designer)
  • Refresh WordPress Plugins page and Activate ’Smartlink Product Designer’ plugin.
  • Notice the Admin message claiming the API Key is not entered.
  • Use the provided link in the message, or go to Admin->Settings->Smartlink Product Designer Activation
  • Enter the ‘Master API Key ‘ you were provided upon purchasing the Subscription and click the ‘Activate’ button.  The Master key can be used to activate keys on products across all of your orders. You can also find your license API keys on your account page on our License Server: https://personalisation.co/my-account/
  • Verify all Settings.  Test.  Submit test orders.  This is where possible changes in the CPP/OMS by Custom Gateway may be required.
  • Remove the Shop from ‘Maintenance Mode’.

If both plugins (old and new) are running, the new one will not load during any page hit, but instead display a warning message.  The plugin will show activated, it just won’t function.