6.0.4 – 11.02.2020

  • Fix: Removing hostname lookup that was failing with IPv6 addresses
  • Fix: Removing duplication of billing address into shipping address when shipping address fields are left blank

6.0.3 – 15.11.2019

  • Fix: Prior to Order submission, ensure there are Smartlink products before submitting. Ignore normal WooCommerce Simple or Variable product based orders.

6.0.2 – 11.11.2019

  • Fix: Do not send normal WooCommerce Simple or Variable products in an Order to the Smartlink service for processing.

6.0.1 – 19.10.2019

  • Fix: Use the product Featured Image for use in the Cart if no Print Job supplied image available from the Smartlink service.

6.0.0 – 03.10.2019

  • New: Plugin renamed to `Smartlink Product Designer`.  This is a new plugin to go in the WordPress plugins folder replacing the old one.
  • Upgrade: Implement the latest Smartlink 2.2 API for products and order submissions. No more individual GUID’s for products and order splitting based on GUID.  Only the global settings GUID (‘company_ref_id’) is used to create print jobs and submit orders.
  • Upgrade: Further XSS and CSRF security – enhanced Service server whitelist ensures submissions are from allowed hostnames.
  • New: Import products into WooCommerce using the Smartlink CPP Control Panel under the WooCommerce Products menu.
  • New: Create Virtual products using the CPP VPC Tool.
  • New: Add a ‘Saved Designs’ page to the WooCommerce My Account page that lists all products that have a saved design for the user.  There are links to the product to continue editing a design and a button to remove all designs from a product and re-personalise with a clean slate.
  • New: Add thumbnail images to a product in the Cart.  One image for each page view of a designer product.  A t-shirt may have a front and back view.  Each thumbnail is clickable and will open up a new preview window or tab with the full image.
  • Upgade: Smartlink Shipping module – flat and table rates, table rate product shipping classes.
  • Fix: complete plugin code restructure to improve modularity and loading.

5.9.9 – 12.05.2019

  • Fix: WooCommerce 3.6 change to re-instate Order Cancellations from the OMS.
  • Fix: WooCommerce 3.6 change use Woo generated customer ID’s for non-authenticated users to prevent broken security nonce cookies.
  • Fix: WooCommerce 3.6 change to re-instate ability to add more than one product to the Cart.

5.9.8 – 28.04.2019

  • Fix: Prevent double add to cart buttons on Simple and Variable Print on Demand products.

5.9.7 – 18.04.2019

  • Fix: For WooCommerce 3.6, ensure Cart is available to add products.

5.9.6 – 11.12.2018

  • Fix: Sale prices were not working on Personalise-iT product types.

5.9.5 – 14.11.2018

  • Fix: Stronger security checks to prevent CrossSiteRequestForgery attacks.
  • Fix: Whitelist acceptable Custom Gateway hostnames to prevent image and design thumbnail location alterations by hackers.

5.9.4 – 08.11.2018

  • Fix: Stronger user input sanitation to prevent XSS attacks.
  • Fix: Mangled callback URL’s causing iFrame to get stuck on ‘loading’.

5.9.3 – 07.11.2018

  • Fix: Stronger user input sanitation to prevent XSS attacks.
  • Fix: Correct base domain URL for mobile devices if only a desktop iFrame URL is entered into the product settings and no mobile iFrame URL setting is provided.
  • Fix: Better URL query parameter key encoding to allow the square brackets in parameters like: state[text_areas][1097612][fill_pattern_url].

5.9.2 – 08.10.2018

  • Fix: Fix broken ‘add to cart’ ability for variable products that was introduced in the 5.9.0 release.

5.9.1 – 20.09.2018

  • Fix: Ensure the new Catalog Mode settings show Woo error messages that a product can’t be purchased. Ensure Catalog Mode product redirects work.

5.9.0 – 18.09.2018

  • New: Add `Catalog Mode`. A global setting that when enabled, will prevent all Custom Gateway products from being added to the Cart. The Shop then becomes a `Calalog` only store.
  • New: Add the ability for logged in customers to save designs for Personalise-iT product types and come back later to edit and continue.
  • New: Add a button to designer products in the Cart allowing you to return to the designer product and continue editing a personalised design. The product title will also link back to the designer product. Only logged in users may edit a saved design.
  • New: Add thumbnail images to a product in the Cart. One image for each page view of a designer product. A t-shirt may have a front and back view. Each thumbnail is clickable and will open up a new preview window or tab with the full image.
  • New: Complete redesign of all Custom Gateway callback functions. Previously, the plugin would perform checks on every page load to determine if a Custom Gateway site callback was in effect. Price lookups, adding to the cart, order status changes, saving user designs. etc. Now, all callbacks execute by providing a unique site URL with a WordPress REST API ‘endpoint’ that only gets called when needed. These callbacks are issued to Custom Gateway within the iFrame display URL for a product, or upon submitting orders.
  • New: Add Payment Method and Shipping Costs to submitted orders.
  • Fix: Provide internal filter to allow relabeling of buttons on Shop and Product listings for Personalise-iT products.
  • Fix: Use correct full price and discounted sale price for products on orders sent to Custom Gateway.
  • Fix: Internal iFrame URL rebuilding for non distributed apps and old style URL’s without a fragment identifier (#).

5.8.5 – 16.05.2018

  • NOTICE: Support for versions of WooCommerce older than 3.0 has been dropped. Do not upgrade the Gateway3D Product Designer if you are still using an outdated version of WooCommerce.
  • New: Add another iFrame URL setting for mobile devices to the Personalise-iT product type. The initial one is the desktop device URL and now this one for mobile devices to accomodate different configurations for phones.
  • New: Add Secondary GUID field to all designer (Personalise-iT) products `secondary_company_ref_id`. This is in addition to the product primary GUID. If this setting is in use, the primary GUID either from the global or product setting will be sent on orders still as well as this secondary guid attached.
  • Fix: For Stock Items, Textual and POD products, re-label the Secondary GUID field to the more accurate Alternate GUID. Only Personalise-iT designer products for Custom Gateway licensed products will have a ‘Secondary’ GUID.
  • Fix: Revert incorrect multi GUID behaviour introduced in version 5.7.4 after discussions with Custom Gateway. If another GUID is entered on the product setting in what is now the Primary GUID setting, or the product iFrame URL setting, this well send a separate order using that GUID as the primary `company_ref_id` GUID.

5.8.4 – 01.05.2018

  • Fix: Correctly insert product mobile device ‘appname’ and ‘layout’ settings into a products desktop ‘iFrame URL’ setting when it’s a mobile device accessing the page and the iFrame URL is a Custom Gateway distributed app.

5.8.3 – 19.04.2018

  • Fix: PHP Warnings when adding products to the Cart introduced from last release.

5.8.2 – 16.04.2018

  • New: Add Secondary GUID field to Textual products.
  • New: Add Secondary GUID field to Print on Demand products.
  • Fix: Designer products could fail on adding to the cart. Implement better checks for grouped products and adding one or more at a time to the cart.

5.8.1 – 11.04.2018

  • New: Custom Gateway Textual products are now available with product data tabs for the Product ID.
  • New: Secondary GUID’s are now available for both Stock Items and variable Stock Items.
  • Fix: Allow orders that had a `Canceled` status to now be sent to Custom Gateway once the payment gateway or Shop Manager sets the order status to `Processing`.
  • Fix: Allow Custom Gateway Stock Items to enable shop managed stock.
  • Fix: Repair field name in orders sent to Custom Gateway for secondary GUID’s (secondary_company_ref_id)

5.8.0 – 28.02.2018

  • New: Variable products for Custom Gateway Stock Items. There is a new product type in the selector on the edit product screen you can select and then create attributes and variations with corresponding SKU’s just as with normal WooCommerce variable products.
  • New: Designer ‘Personalise-iT’ products have a new setting that allow ‘grouped’ simple products to be attached. The Woo simple products should have their ‘Catalog Visibility’ set to ‘hidden’ with corresponding SKU’s and pricing. As an example, a tee shirt designer product can now have various simple products for different sizes as part of that product ‘group’. These will show up in the front end display iFrame for selection. Multiple simple products can be added to the Cart at the same time from the same design in the designer. On Shop and Category listings, a designer product will now show a price range from the product ‘group’.
  • Fix: Various Edit Product page improvements to the data tabs. No longer a need to ‘Publish’ a ‘Personalise-iT’ product type to see it’s data tab.
  • Fix: Personalise-iT designer products will have a button on Shop and Category listings for ‘Personalise’. (As opposed to an Add to Cart button)
  • Fix: Allow orders that had an `On Hold` status from certain payment gateways to now be sent to Custom Gateway once the payment gateway sets the order status to `Processing`.
  • Fix: Remove the space between the currency symbol and the price when using Woo’s currency setting of ‘left’ when pricing is displayed for selected products in the iFrame.

5.7.8 – 14.01.2018

  • Fix: Order item with coupons were incorrectly sending the coupon amount. We now determine and use discounted unit price for a product when sending an Order to Custom Gateway.

5.7.7 – 31.12.2017

  • Fix: Change the logger at WooCommerce->Status->Logs to use text files instead of the WordPress Database. Flush the database of log entries.

5.7.6 – 06.12.2017

  • Fix: Provide a long timeout value for scheduling order resubmission WordPress cron jobs for slow servers. (`wp_schedule_event`)

5.7.5 – 01.12.2017

  • Fix: 5.7.4 release broke order submission URL. Now repaired and order should submit properly.

5.7.4 – 01.12.2017

  • New: Add support for UPS Shipping. Checkout selected shipping methods are forwarded to Custom Gateway. ( |
  • Fix: Increase the timeout value again to a full minute for order submissions going to Custom Gateway to handle large orders as well as the increased processing that CG is doing now for all orders.
  • Fix: Always submit orders using the global GUID from settings. If a product GUID is enabled, send it as the `secondary_company_ref_ID`.
  • Fix: Allow initially ‘failed’ status orders on the Checkout to be changed to ‘processing’ status and submitted after the customer corrects the initial failure (invalid postcode as an example).

5.7.3 – 03.11.2017

  • Fix: Rename the internal license class to prevent conflicts with other plugins using the same licensing mechanism. This should allow the license entry screens in the Admin Settings to appear again so a license can be entered.
  • Fix: Double the timeout value for order submissions to handle large orders going to Custom Gateway.

5.7.2 – 25.10.2017

  • Fix: Global GUID and individual product GUID’s either from the GUID setting or embedded in the product iFrame URL will now be broken out into multiple orders. So a WooCommerce order that contains a variety of products, some may have different GUID’s, will be submitted to Custom Gateway by GUID with associated products for that GUID.

5.7.1 – 02.10.2017

  • Fix: Distributed apps for Custom Gateway have been broken. Now repaired and works for a designer product’s iFrame display URL from either other settings only, or from the products iFrame URL setting that embeds the full display URL.

5.7.0 – 14.09.2017

  • New: Revised Order submission system. Occasionally, orders failed to be submitted to Custom Gateway due to communication errors. Now, orders are queued and re-submitted in another 10 minutes. The site admin will receive an email upon submission failure noting the Order ID and specifics of the failure.
  • New: Orders will now have Shipping Tracking numbers added to items if available. Tracking number emails are sent to customer. Tracking numbers show on customer account page orders when logged in. There is a new Global Setting to determine when an order is Completed. ‘Dispatched’ is the default and the way it has worked in the past. ‘Received by Shipper’ is the new means that will provide a Tracking Number.
  • New: Orders may now be submitted to Custom Gateway using the COD payment gateway. Orders do not have to be paid on the Checkout.
  • Fix: Repair edit product data tabs for Personalise-iT products and POD print references.

5.6.9 – 17.07.2017

  • Fix: Ensure the correct scheme of https or http is in use on iFrame URL setting if SSL is enabled, regardless of what is entered in the setting.

5.6.8 – 23.06.2017

  • Fix: Return the add to cart button to Gateway Stock Item products on the single product page.

5.6.7 – 22.06.2017

  • Fix: Repair Gateway Stock Items classname in use. Allow product type to be assigned to a product and saved.

5.6.6 – 21.06.2017

  • New: Implement Gateway ‘dynamic pricing’. Prices for products added to cart are adjusted based on user selections in the iFrame. Attributes are added to order items as meta data and appear on product line items in the Cart, Emails and Orders.

5.6.5 – 15.06.2017

  • Fix: Change the Order submission URL for latest changes at Gateway. This URL allows the Company Name field to actually be sent along with orders.

5.6.4 – 18.05.2017

  • Fix: Rework all shipping and billing addresses to match with Gateway order requirements. Address5 will no longer hold a ‘Company Name’ but will instead be the state if available. Address4 will now be the town or city instead of Address3. Address3 will now be empty. The Shipping Company field will be used if a Company Name is available. There is no Billing Company Name. These changes apply to both shipping and billing addresses.
  • Fix: Add to Cart and staying on product page will no longer fatal error in Woo 2.6. Redirect to Cart continues to work fine.
  • New: Provide updated language .pot file for translations.

5.6.3 – 28.04.2017

  • Fix: Final backwards compatibility fixes for Woo 2.6. Removed fatal errors upon order submission. Pass Unit Cost as in v5.6.0 for Woo 3.0.
  • New: Use Gateways new ‘Shipping Address Company’ field instead of the ‘Shipping Address 5’ parameter for a Company Name if entered on the Checkout. The Billing Company will still be in the ‘Billing Address 5’ field.

5.6.2 – 27.04.2017

  • Fix: The new internal Logger mechanism introduced in v5.5.7 is only available for WooCommerce 3.0. Prevent fatal errors in older versions of WooCommerce.

5.6.1 – 26.04.2017

  • Fix: Release 5.6.0 (available only briefly) missed a Woo 3.0 action for new orders and they weren’t being submitted to Gateway. This is now fixed.

5.6.0 – 25.04.2017

  • Fix: Order line item full totals were being passed to Gateway as the Unit Price. The full Line Total is the Unit Price times the Quantity. This is now fixed to only pass the Unit Price.
  • Fix: Repair Gateway Stock Item product types to again show the ‘add to cart’ button on the WooCommerce single product page.
  • Fix: Repair all outdated filters, actions, and variable accesses to comply with WooCommerce 3.0 modifications and eliminate PHP warnings.
  • Fix: After adding a product to the cart from a Designer product such as a phone case, never redirect to the phone case product with Catalog Visibility of ‘hidden’. Redirect back to the Designer product instead.
  • Modify: Implement revised plugin licensing module.
  • Modify: Convert plugin base class to Singleton pattern to ensure only once instance is created. Provide global functions to acquire this instance.
  • New: Provide ‘woocommerce_ec3d_cart_redirect_for_designer’ filter for developers to override the add to cart redirect URL.
  • New: WooCommerce orders will now be cancelled if the Gateway site callback for order status changes calls for it.

5.5.7 – 21.04.2017

  • New: Implement WooCommerce Logger available at Admin->WooCommerce->System Status->Logs. Add messages for failed order submissions.
  • Fix: If a mobile device is in use, always override iFrame URL product setting with both mobile appname and mobile layout config if available in the designer product settings.

5.5.6 – 21.04.2017

  • Fix: When editing products and clicking the Variations tab, there was a PHP Fatal Error introduced in the last release that is now repaired.

5.5.5 – 18.04.2017

  • Fix: License upgrade URL within the plugin adjusted to reflect new SSL (https) on the license server. No more messages ‘invalid email’ when activating license on the plugin activation page.
  • Fix: Saving product iFrame URL again works for both Woo 3.0 and greater as well as the older Woo 2.6.
  • Fix: Various WooCommerce 3.0 upgrade compatibility repairs.
  • Fix: Allow product iFrame URL parameter override of ‘mobile appname’ if entered on the product settings and it’s a mobile device accessing the front end page.
  • Fix: Allow product iFrame URL parameter override of ‘mobile layout config’ if entered on the product settings and it’s a mobile device accessing the front end page.

5.5.4 – 07.04.2017

  • Fix: Repair broken order submissions to Gateway3d to again include printjobID for WooCommerce 3.0.

5.5.3 – 06.04.2017

  • Fix: Initial WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility.

5.5.2 – 05.04.2017

  • Fix: Better error reporting to debug logs upon Gateway3d Order submission, several minor bugfixes.

5.5.1 – 06.03.2017

  • New: Allow WooCommerce Variable Products to be used for Print on Demand product setups. The POD Reference number is entered on the variations.
  • New: Allow Gateway3D Shipping module to have Free Shipping (no cost) with Coupons and without needing the WooCommerce Free Shipping Module so that selected Gateway Carrier and Method are passed along to Gateway with orders.

5.5.0 – 07.02.2017

  • New: Gateway3D Shipping now has an item count rate table for min and max quantity rules per shipping method.
  • New: A new setting to remove all WooCommerce entities from the Single Product page and only show the Gateway3D iFrame.
  • Fix: When the iFrame URL setting is used on a designer product, ensure that a GUID is attached from settings if not available in the URL.

5.4.6 – 18.01.2017

  • New: Both global setting, and individual product setting for ‘gse=’ (Seasonal Artwork).

5.4.5 – 17.01.2017

  • Fix: Gateway legacy apps (nopreview) that didn’t use URL fragment identifiers were breaking with the new iFrame URL setting and is now fixed.

5.4.4 – 05.01.2017

  • New: Both global setting, and individual product setting for ‘la=’ (Licensed Artwork).

5.4.3 – 15.12.2016

  • Fix: Last hotfix didn’t do the trick, need a trailing slash in the ‘ep3dUrl’ parameter to allow products to be added to the Cart.

5.4.2 – 13.12.2016

  • Fix: When using the new iFrame URL product setting, allow products to be added to the Cart by providing correct ‘ep3dUrl’ parameter.

5.4.1 – 08.12.2016

  • Fix: Only ouput iFrame on ‘Personalise-iT’ product type pages. Was broken from new iFrame URL product setting for Stock Item products.

5.4.0 – 29.11.2016

  • New: Provide new designer product setting that contains the full iFrame URL, instead of compiling the URL from all other settings.

5.3.2 – 11.11.2016

  • Fix: Billing and Shipping ‘states’ as entered on the Checkout for countries that don’t actually have WooCommerce identified states selected from a drop down select, are again sent along with the Order. For the UK as an example, this will be the ‘County’ and will be the Address 4 parameter in the Print Manager.

5.3.1 – 02.11.2016

  • New: Implement a global ‘Branding’ setting to over-ride default ‘Gateway3D’ Order Reference on customer emails and the My-Account page orders. Provide your own company name or other value to replace ‘Gateway3D’.

5.3.0 – 29.10.2016

  • New: Provide Gateway3D Shipping module for WooCommerce zone shipping. Allows for appropriate rates, carrier name codes, and service method codes.
  • Fix: Remove both the global and individual product setting for ‘shipping code’. Use the new shipping module instead.

5.2.2 – 12.10.2016

  • New: Gateway3D provides a new ‘coupon_code’ field and any applied Cart coupons are now sent along with the Order.

5.2.1 – 07.10.2016

  • Fix: Allow add to cart redirect to maintain currently selected WPML language.

5.2.0 – 28.09.2016

  • New: Provide individual product setting (‘i’ parameter) to hold an auto load image URL. The product iFrame will be preloaded with this image prior to user design customization.
  • New: Designer product selections when added to the Cart will now have both the title of the product and the small thumbnail image link to the large image in another browser tab.
  • New: WPML compatibility. Product page iFrame will send the Language ‘locale’ from settings or default to English depending on the WPML page language setting for each viewer.
  • New: Admin Order Items for personalised products will now show the customers designed thumbnail instead of a placeholder image.
  • Fix: Woocommerce Orders with multiple products will now be submitted all at once in one Gateway3D order instead of individual Gateway3D orders, one for each product. Unless, there is an individual GUID or Shipping Code on any -one- product in the Woo order. Then it will continue to work as before, separate Gateway3D orders for each product in the Woocommerce order.
  • Fix: Removed setting for ‘autocomplete’ orders, no longer required. Orders with only Gateway3D products will auto ‘complete’ when they are fullfilled by Gateway3D.
  • Fix: Always assume a quantity of one when adding to the cart, if no quantity provided by Gateway3D.
  • Fix: Always display the ‘Inventory’ tab in Woocommerce when editing a G3D product type so an SKU can be entered.
  • Fix: Notify Gateway that we have handled an Order Status change update when they contact our site.

5.1.8 – 19.08.2016

  • Fix: Don’t use fragment style URL’s for the appname ‘nopreview’.

5.1.7 – 19.08.2016

  • New: Add per product setting for Layout Config (‘c’ parameter).

5.1.6 – 15.08.2016

  • Fix: Only add status change order notes on an actual change in status, not every time G3D calls the site with a change (which they shouldn’t if it hasn’t changed).

5.1.5 – 12.08.2016

  • Fix: iFrame again displays for sites that don’t redirect to Gateway for mobile devices AND SSL installed.  No more insecure content warnings.

5.1.4 – 08.08.2016

  • Fix: Send the full state name instead of the WC state code for both shipping and billing addresses.

5.1.3 – 02.08.2016

  • Fix: Change update and licensing server URL from to the new

5.1.2 – 26.07.2016

  • Fix: Version included a ‘shipping_note_url’ field to send an Invoice for Orders using the Woo Invoices and Packing Slips plugin. Do NOT send if that plugin isn’t active on the site.

5.1.1 – 25.07.2016

  • Fix: ‘Invalid layout configuration specified’. Ensure backward compatibility if no layout code on ‘distributed app’ versions.

5.1 – 13.07.2016

  • New: For future features, attach the Product Designer ID to Simple products when added to the Cart.
  • New: Provide global and individual ‘Personalise-iT’ product setting to increase price by specified amount if certain Product Designer iFrame options are selected such as gift wrapping.  This is ‘app’ specific as setup at Gateway3D.

5.0.2 – 27.06.2016

  • Fix: Better fix for Mobile devices correctly assigning the mobile layout configuration.

5.0.1 – 24.06.2016

  • Fix: Mobile devices will now be correctly assigned the mobile layout configuration.

5.0 – 22.06.2016

  • New: Implement licensing module with WP Dashboard plugin updating.
  • New: Implement new Gateway3D ‘Distributed App’ iFrame URL generation, maintain old app backward compatibility. – 25.05.2016

  • Fix: Output the ‘locale’ (language) in the iFrame URL before the fragment identifier. – 20.05.2016

  • New: Send ‘shipping_note_url’ field along with each order to Gateway3D for -all- countries. This contains an internal URL to an Invoice for the Order dependant on a Woo Invoice and Packing Slip plugin.
  • Fix: Base iFrame URL for the ‘epa’ and ‘ep3dUrl’ parameters were containing ‘httpss’, now only contain ‘https’. – 19.05.2016

  • Fix: Prices displayed on front end product selection will now honor Woo setting for ‘currency position’: left or right of the price.

4.9.9 – 17.05.2016

  • New: Send item prices to Gateway3D along with the order for reporting.
  • Fix: Do not use ‘https’ in the base iFrame URL for mobile redirects offsite.
  • Fix: Use ‘https’ in the base iFrame URL for the ‘epa’ and ‘ep3dUrl’ parameters if required.

4.9.8 – 12.05.2016

  • Fix: Base iFrame URL now supports SSL depending on site setup. (‘http’ , ‘https’).

4.9.7 – 11.05.2016

  • New: Add another checkbox setting for mobile phones. Will only redirect customers to Gateway3D if enabled; otherwise stay onsite and display the Gateway3D App within an iFrame.
  • New: For India only, send ‘shipping_note_url’ field along with each order to Gateway3D. This contains an internal URL to an Invoice for the Order dependant on a Woo Invoice and Packing Slip plugin.

4.9.6 – 03.05.2016

  • New: Provide new setting for top level domain CNAME, defaults to ‘’.

4.9.5 – 28.04.2016

  • New: For India only, send full state text name instead of must state code.
  • New: Add in new API order fields for: billing_customer_name, billing_customer_email, and billing_customer telephone.

4.9.4 – 27.04.2016

  • New: When products are added to cart, show title of product added in the message for either the Cart redirect with a ‘Continue Shopping’ button, or staying on single product page with a ‘View Cart’ button.

4.9.3 – 26.04.2016

  • New: Add customer billing phone number to the order when sent to Gateway.

4.9.2 – 14.04.2016

  • New: For mobile phone devices, redirect to Gateway, don’t use iFrame on our site.

4.9.1 – 10.04.2016

  • New: Add a setting for remove or show the “please wait” message when adding products to the Cart.

4.9 – 31.03.2016

  • New: Implement new ‘ct’ parameter for Category ID. Allows iFrame chooser products to drill down to specific models.

4.8 – 18.01.2016

  • Fix: Product pricing lookup fixes for changes to the way Gateway3D calls our sites using the ‘epa’ parameter.

4.7 – 13.01.2016

  • New: add new G3D product type ‘stock item’, selected with the edit product type dropdown in Woocommerce.
  • New: Send billing and shipping company names as the address 5 parameter to G3D.

4.6 – 17.12.2015

  • Fix: Use G3D iframe supplied quantities when adding to cart instead of assuming quantity of one.

4.5 – 11.12.2015

  • Fix: Price lookups for `woyc100` app name.

4.4 – 24.11.2015

  • Fix: Allow new order notes for order item status to be viewable by customers for Woo order tracking.

4.3 – 20.11.2015

  • Fix: SKU based price requests now have 2 types of calls from G3D, adapt and return correct price.

4.2 – 12.11.2015

  • New: Eliminate WP cron jobs that poll G3D hourly for order completion. Implement Order Status callback function instead. Adds 2 new fields to admin order item display to see Order Status for each item.

4.1 – 05.11.2015

  • New: Order emails now show the customized product thumbnail image.

4.0 – 15.10.2015

  • Fix: Upgrade to latest mobile detect library for phones.

3.9 – 07.10.2015

  • Fix: Provide Woo currency symbol along with the price on product lookups to send back to G3D.

3.8 – 01.10.2015

  • New: Provide setting for Art Collections (&ga=).
  • New: Provide setting for Monograms (&gm=).
  • New: Provide setting for Stamps (&gs=).
  • Fix: Product titles and prices now appear upon selection within the iFrame near ‘add-to-cart’.

3.7 – 08.09.2015

  • New: Provide setting for product groups (&pg=).

3.6 – 26.08.2015

  • New: Provide setting for external fulfillment service shipping method API Codes on individual product basis with global setting fallback.
  • Fix: fragmentation URL bypass for old ‘woyc100’ app name – reverts to no fragmentation for this app name.

3.5 – 06.07.2015

  • New: Provide setting for external fulfillment service shipping method API Codes.

3.4 – 03.07.2015

  • New: Gateway3D fragmentation style URL’s for iFrame products.
  • New: iFrame URL now uses instead of for CDN usage.
  • Fix: Personalize-iT settings tab moved to the end of Woocommerce settings tabs.
  • Fix: iFrame width and height now always used from settings with defaults if none entered.

3.3 – 19.06.2015

  • Fix: Multiple products in a separate G3D Orders are marked as completed in the original single Woo order.

3.2 – 18.06.2015

  • New: Add Gallery parameter to individual product settings with global setting fallback.
  • Fix: Multiple products in a Woo Order are submitted as individual separate orders to G3D to accomodate differing GUID’s per product.

3.1 – 02.06.2015

  • New: Supply GUID, App Name and Mobile App Name as individual product settings with global setting fallback.

3.0 – 02.03.2015

  • New: Personalise-iT product values for other customizable products in addition to just phone cases.

2.0.3 – 14.02.2015

  • Fix: Supply internal Order ID in submission to the Print Manager as an ‘external_ref’ value.

2.0.2 – 03.02.2015

  • Fix: Use exact match SKU search to find products to add to cart, now displays correct titles and prices.

2.0.1 – 15.12.2014

  • Fix: Send product title instead of description to Gateway3D’s Print Manager.

2.0 – 12.12.2014

  • New: Gateway3D’s Ordering API support.
  • Fixed: Product line items in an order now send the correct SKU to the Gateway3D Print Manager.
  • Fixed: Update shipping fields to transfer state and city to Gateway3D Print Manager.
  • Fixed: Customer countries now show the full name instead of a code.

1.3.1 – 07.08.2014

  • Fixed: Getting price callback.

1.3 – 07.04.2014

  • New: Support for print on demand products.

1.2.2 – 05.07.2014

  • Fixed: Price and name of selected models now show

1.2.1 – 24.03.2014

  • Fixed: Changes in WooCommerce API.
  • Fixed: Using new functions instead of deprecated ones.

1.2 – 04.03.2014

  • Added: Support for Woocommerce 2.x
  • Added: Mobile category field.

1.1 – 28.11.2013

  • Fixed: Redirect issues on IE10.

1.0 – 15.11.2013

  • Initial version based on Jigoshop plugin.